Meet Milk & Glue

 Kayla Johnson is the artist and owner behind Milk and Glue. She lives with us in Astoria, Oregon.  She is married to the most wonderful guy named Tohny who helps helps with everything! Kayla grew up in the not-so-rainy part of Washington and studied Fine Art at Washington State University.                                  

What is Milk and Glue?:

Milk and Glue is an illustration print and stationary store inspired by nautical themes, children’s stories and woodland creatures. The name Milk and Glue was born from working in an after school program with children ages 3-7. She loved doing arts and crafts projects with the kids and would frequently told her husband that she always felt like she came home covered in Milk and Glue! Her illustrations are mainly done in watercolor with the occasional colored pencil and pen & ink mixed in.

Visit her website here.


Marissa Davis is the artist behind Wildlands Artistry.

She grew up along the Salmon river in a small town called Stanley, Idaho. She spent her days fishing, hiking, four-wheeling & catching frogs and snakes.

She developed a great love for the outdoors since the time she was born which is where alot of her inspiration comes from. She likes to capture the places she’s visited or things she’s seen in all of her artwork. Each piece is created with a special meaning behind it.

She loves to be creative and when she’s not painting or sculpting clay, or hanging out with her 4 kiddos, she is a graphic designer and takes pride in designing all the design elements for Wildlands Artistry.

Visit her website here.